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5 Reasons Your Website Needs SEO Now!

If you’re wondering why you should incorporate SEO strategies into your digital marketing plan, you should start by asking yourself a simple question:

Why am I running a website?  

You see, we all know what a website is and does, but not all of us truly understand what a well-built online platform can offer a business.

The fact of the matter is, your product may be incredibly promising—the next big thing since Facebook, even. But without experimenting with new and innovative ways to get more exposure, you’re simply putting your product on a dusty shelf, never to see the light of day.

  • To raise awareness for your business.
  • To connect with potential consumers.
  • To gain insight into your target market.
  • To compete with industry leaders.
  • To experiment with new technologies.
  • To monitor performance.
  • To generate leads.
  • To boost conversion.
  • To expand and evolve as a thriving business.

So, let’s reconsider all the reasons behind running a website:

Did we get all of that, or at least some of it?

Conversely, you may also think that a website is just a small extension of your business—a 24/7 virtual center for customers to learn about your product, and maybe even get in touch for a custom order or query.

If so, you’re kind of missing a big point. Primarily the keywords: “24/7 virtual center”.

In the world of business, time is money. And no resource can give you the kind of round-the-clock service that a website can.

That being said, however, a website is just a website until you equip yourself with the right SEO tools to enrich your online platform enough to serve all aforementioned goals (and more).

That’s right—optimized content isn’t fairy dust popularized by shadow businesses to scam your organization. It’s a tried-and-tested tool used by some of the biggest multinational corporations to improve their content marketing results—with 52% of businesses investing in SEO services in 2016, and 74% expected to follow suit this year!

The proof is in the pudding, however—and we’ve scooped up a bowl of data-rich goodness that’s bound to make you a believer in the sweet magic of SEO.

So, without further ado, here are 5 reasons to invest in search engine optimization:

1. It’s “measurable” marketing.

Setting up a website is a powerful way to generate leads and build a solid reputation in the online world. But in order to truly succeed at building a prominent presence in the digital universe, you’ve got to do a lot better than indulge in arbitrary experimentation, such as changing the color of CTA button for no particular reason.

Sure, changing the CTA button is a great idea—so long as you know why you’re doing it!

As with anything in content marketing, you must know exactly what you aim to accomplish with your experiment, and analyze the results using reliable data analytics software.

Using this software, SEO tools help you determine the value of each aspect of your website—from the template to the anchor—helping you identify key metrics crucial to the performance of the site.

These KPIs (key performance indicators) aren’t selected randomly. They’re chosen on the basis of your business objectives, so you may fine-tune or change them entirely to reap better, quantifiable results that save time and valuable resources.

2.It’s cost-effective.

It’s common for SEO services to be compared to property investment, focusing on the long (and short)-term benefits of owning property—depending on its foundation, structure and neighborhood.

In other words, you’re looking at the functionality and reliability of your SEO program, the quality of your coding and content, and the strength of your backlinks as Google inspects your “neighborhood” for signs of danger.

Ultimately, investing in the right SEO service translates into a sustainable marketing strategy that helps you deliver higher returns on every dime you spend on it.
Take a moment to think about it.

While your costs for web-hosting, design and content creation remain the same, everything else—including your leads, web traffic, conversion rates, revenue—continues to rise!
Working with a reputable SEO company can help you stay ahead of the content marketing game and respond well to algorithm changes implemented by Google, that tend to throw off the most seasoned marketers.

And let’s not forget the undeniable correlation between investment and returns when it comes to optimization.

3.Your competitors are already going for it.

You may be somewhat convinced by the power of SEO, attempt to dabble in it by doing some research and perhaps even invest in Google Adwords. However, when you begin to notice your competitors ranking higher than you on search listings, you’ll begin to wonder exactly what you’re doing wrong.

And chances are, you’ll know the moment you start reading more detailed articles on the overwhelming possibilities and trends of SEO.

You see, search engine optimization isn’t just about generating high-ranking keywords and stuffing them in a piece that’s already difficult to read. It’s about using complex tools to make your content more accessible to the masses—focusing on quality and accurate data.

So, the next time you notice your competitors doing far better than you, don’t waste a moment and get in touch with a reliable SEO company with at least a few years of experience to really turn things around.

4.It ensures a better user experience.

While running a website is about placing the spotlight on your product—it’s also about creating a personalized and memorable experience for users, so that they’re more likely to recall your brand and convert those clicks into sales.

Fortunately, SEO helps you gain incredible insight with key metrics. Each visitor, each click, and each browsing session reveals something significant about a user. Ultimately, it gives you a rich database of information to create holistic user profiles that can allow you understand and predict user intent.

5.It’s here to stay.

Based on how search engines are running and have been running in the last 5 years, we have no reason to fear the demise of SEO.

That’s right, search optimization is very much alive and kicking—especially as skilled SEO technicians respond to Google updates by renewing their focus on authentic content.

At the end of the day, we’re looking at a marketing tool that’s designed to improve customer experience online by giving the people what they want, when they want it.

And if you’re one for credible sources, check out this piece by Global Content Marketing Forecast, predicting the field to grow into a $300 billion industry by the year 2019!

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